About EUSS

IMG-20150128-WA0006This is a long running society in Exeter University – although small it just keeps on going. We have log books from 1994, and in 1966 Exeter is reported to have discovered part of Afton. Run by a committee of 6, we provide equipment, training, day trips and weekend trips for members of all ability, as well as awesome weekly socials.

Exeter University’s Caving Society is the best place to get your adrenaline pumping, with some underground adventure. The club caters for veteran troglodytes and novice under-grounders alike. All are welcome to the world of climbing up waterfalls, squeezing through holes, abseiling down rifts, slipping, sliding and immersing themselves in the muddy subterranean playgrounds of the UK.

We run regular local trips allowing members to explore Devon’s finest caves, such as the thrilling Afton Red Rift. Prospective members also have the opportunity for a free trip to the magnificently muddy Prid. Around three weekend trips away take place a term, to places as neighbouring as the Mendips and as far as South Wales, where we stay in caving huts – caving during the day and socialising at night. Day trips cost as much as the petrol and cave charges, and weekend trips cost around £15 – £30, which is not bad at all! The club subsidies as much as it can afford to, as we’re all poor students!

11351878_818111824950831_651938250_n (2)There are the annual CHECC (Council of Higher Education Caving Clubs) and SCHECC, where EUSS join up with caving clubs around the country for a massive meeting and caving competitions. EUSS, 2015-16, managed to win Ultimate Caving Club, and we have high hopes for this year 😉

Our weekly socials take place Tuesdays, kicking off with our annual Caveman social (get your costumes at the ready). This is followed by our weekly Wednesday Rope Training sessions, where we offer members a chance to brush up on their SRT (Single Rope Training) and rigging skills, which are vital when progressing to harder caves. Opportunities are also given to anyone wishing to write articles about the clubs activities on our webpage or the AU Newsletter, for any of you budding writers!

10435904_10152805570438563_8077327212141213732_nAll this leads up to our final summer trip, where hopefully members can use all the skills and experience that they have acquired over the year in some new caves abroad. For the past few years we’ve taken over the likes of South France and Croatia. We also engage in above ground activities, such as climbing, kayaking and chilling in the sun!

So if you are keen on exploring massive caverns and underground streams with a bunch of friendly students (and alumni) who you can relax and party with afterwards, then the Caving Club is for you. Try the free taster trips during fresher’s week and find us in the sports hall, at the fresher’s fair. We’ll be in the helmets and oh-so-fashionable over-suits, offering one of the cheapest AU membership prices of just £30: for free equipment, insurance, discount on socials and weekend trips all year round!

So why not  come and get down and dirty with us?!


One thought on “About EUSS

  1. Yes, we dug into an extension to Afton Red Rift in 1966!
    Also remember a EUSS expecition to the Middle Atlas in Morocco in 1969, and fantastic EUSS annual dinners in Exeter in the late sixties and seventies, which usually were attended by the police!
    Hope you are keeping up the tradition.

    I am still regularly finding new caves, but in Panama, my home country since 2001.

    James Cobbett, Exeter University 1965 – 67, when they through me out.

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