The committee are elected every spring at the AGM and are in charge of the running of the club. From organising trips, training and memorable socials, keeping track of the money and making sure the kit is in working order, we do it all and much much more.


Photo of Suzanne

Suzanne Owen

The president is the head of the club; they are involved in its overall running and liaise with the AU and other clubs. They are available for any queries that the members may have. Suzanne is an excellent caver and a friendly face. She is contactable at the e-mail

Social Secretary

Ed Farrow

The Social Secretary runs the weekly socials, allowing everyone to get together outside of caves (also in charge of the vital task of remembering to bring the beloved Red Book!). Ed has been brought up by Squash, so loves boozing just as much as caving. He’s a kind and gentle lover, and incredibly well hung.


Photo of Rianna

Rianna Graham

In charge of the club’s finances, the treasurer is the person that will be collecting your money for trips along with organising payment for fuel, new kit, accommodation and other club expenses. Rianna, a 3rd year Med student is an organisational force to be reckoned with, so don’t pay late!


Sarah Wicks

The secretary is often the president’s right hand person. She organises and books all the weekends away as well as keeping track of the membership and training of members. Sarah has been with us since her first year, and her love of caving is second only to her hatred of Physics.

Tackle Mistress

Marine Caldarola

The Tackle Mistress (i.e Equipment Handler) is an understated but vital role; they are in charge of keeping track and maintaining all of the kit (looking out for the health and safety of the club). This includes taking inventories termly, and checking that everything is safe for the club to use. Marine has only been caving with us for a year, but her lack of experience is made up for by her incredible enthusiasm.

Publicity & Training Officer

Ari Cooper-Davis

In charge of club publicity during the big Fresher’s Week Campaign and all year round – by using posters, leaflets, Facebook and this website as well as being the mailing list administrator. This year Ari extended the role to include training, since his one true love is SRT (Single Rope Technique).


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