The committee are elected every spring at the AGM and are in charge of the running of the club. From organising trips, training and memorable socials, keeping track of the money and making sure the kit is in working order, we do it all and much much more.


Image may contain: Rob Moffatt, smiling, hat and closeup

Bertie Moffatt

The president is the head of the club; they are involved in its overall running and liaise with the AU and other clubs. They are available for any queries that the members may have. Bertie enjoys belly rubs, playing fetch, and long walks in the park. He is contactable at the e-mail

Social Secretary

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Maddie Lord

The Social Secretary runs the weekly socials, allowing everyone to get together outside of caves (also in charge of the vital task of remembering to bring the beloved Red Book!). Maddie gets tipsy at the slightest whiff of alcohol.


Image may contain: Ed Farrow and Sophie Hodson, people smiling, outdoor

Sophie Hodson

In charge of the club’s finances, the treasurer is the person that will be collecting your money for trips along with organising payment for fuel, new kit, accommodation and other club expenses. Sophie has a thing for heating axes until they glow. Don’t make her use these on you – pay on time!


Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor

Suzanne Owen

The secretary is often the president’s right hand person. She organises and books all the weekends away as well as keeping track of the membership and training of members. Suzanne runs the club. Don’t tell Ari or Bertie though.

Tackle Master

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Vuk Zivanovic

The Tackle Master(i.e Equipment Handler) is an understated but vital role; they are in charge of keeping track and maintaining all of the kit (looking out for the health and safety of the club). This includes taking inventories termly, and checking that everything is safe for the club to use. Even though Vuk is an experienced tackle-handler, trust him with cave equipment at your peril.

Training Officer

Ari Cooper-Davis

Ari created this role last year and is continuing his training tyranny this year. An experienced and trustworthy caver who is gagging to pass the mantle of responsibility on, Ari is a fountain of knowledge ready to be exploited, so please do so.

Welfare Officer


(Mystery) Shanks

This is a new role bravely being taken on its maiden voyage by Shanks, a second year medical science student. He is here for you (in real life, not virtual life) xxx

Publicity Officer

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, child, tree, outdoor and nature

Dave Morgan

The publicity officer is in charge of getting people excited about caving during Fresher’s week then hiding under a rock dodging responsibility for a year. At least that’s my understanding of it. I’m Dave and I’m the one in charge of the Club’s online presence, including email, social media, and this site. Giving me this role was a terrible idea as I was firmly disciplined by the AU on my first day and kinda liked it. I hope you enjoy my fortnightly emails to the void (plz reply).

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