Our journals are a record of the things that we did each year, as written by the members of the year themselves. Here you can browse through some of our journals from previous years.

EUSS Journal 2011-2012

EUSS Journal 2011-2012

EUSS Journal 2012-2013

EUSS Journal 2012-2013


EUSS Journal 2014-2015


EUSS Journal 2015-2016


EUSS Journal 2016-2017


One thought on “Journals

  1. I got a wonderful experience in this caving! Thank god to make me meet you and have a nice trip. Building a special relationship with our team aboard. I also have some suggests for our club.

    Caving is very great and interesting, but also may with danger. I hope we should close more tightness and take care person who after you. Then we could also underline attentions before each caving. And also our trip always depend on weather, we would also introduce our plan and general situation of caves to let members enjoying the pleasure.

    Meanwhile, each of our caving’s experience is special and fascinating, i hope we can remember this moment and let others know the surprise of discovery. So, i hope we could take some photos and videos during caving if possible.

    Get fun and enjoy the live, that’s the answer.
    Hope our society become better and better!

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